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Double Tap Category: Sports
Audio language: English (Stereo)
Subtitles: English
Buy: $9.99
Rent: $3.99
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Run time: 96 minutes
Published: December 2014
Writers: Fabian Carrillo
Director: Ryan Combs
Producers: Carlos Nicasio
Actors: Rob Wiethoff, Richard Tyson, Danny Pardo, Brooke Lewis, Robert LaSardo, Elizabeth Di Prinzio, Fabian Carrillo
Description: Bobby Giovanni is a distraught police detective and father over the edge. Plagued by his past and mourning the death of his wife he compensates by taking Vicodin and other prescription drugs. Upon discovering who murdered his wife he seeks revenge as social services takes his children away!

Rating: Tags: death kids past revenge drugs father wife detective social police detective

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