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Little Women, Big Cars 2

Little Women, Big Cars 2 Category: Comedy
Audio language: English (Stereo)
Subtitles: English
Buy: $7.99
Rent: $3.99
Rent period: Start within 30 days, finish within 48 hours.
Run time: 107 minutes
Published: October 2014
Writers: Sherry Coben
Director: Melanie Mayron
Producers: Tara Power, Joselyn Allen, Sherry Coben
Actors: Amy Yasbeck, Julie Warner, Anita Barone, Kristy Swanson, Alexis Denisof, Antonio Sabato Jr., Krista Allen, Ed Begley Jr., Cheryl Texiera, Cassandra Freeman
Description: The women of Cherry Branch Elementary are back and contemplating the idea of beauty. Barbara and AJ’s exes, Richard and Doro spark a short lived romance that makes the other couples question many of their life choices from letting their daughters participate in beauty pageants to the idea of breast implants. After Connie finds out the ring her husband gave her is cubic zirconium, she saves that truth ammo for another battle. Meanwhile Meg is fighting her own battles about suspecting Rocky cheating on her husband in a way that makes Woody flinch whenever she enters the room. Allstate agent Julie saves the day when Barbara gets her car hit. Richard propositions Barbara because he misses her and Barbara gives in. She feels so guilty and tells AJ, who forgives her. Woody suggests shaving his beard and Meg loses it, ending up sleeping on the couch. Finally the couple makes up after Meg forgets why she is upset in the first place. Rocky and Connie spat over Rocky plucking Connie’s daughters eyebrows, but luckily make up and attend a soccer match cheerfully, where Doro is then invited to sit with all Meg, Barbara, Connie and Rocky.

Rating: Tags: life romance truth women beauty choices fighting battle sleeping idea

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