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S.I.N. Theory

S.I.N. Theory Category: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Audio language: English (Stereo)
Subtitles: English
Buy: $9.99
Rent: $3.99
Rent period: Start within 30 days, finish within 48 hours.
Run time: 70 minutes
Published: November 2014
Writers: Ritchie Mitchell
Director: Ritchie Mitchell
Producers: Ritchie Mitchell, Jeremy Larter
Actors: Jeremy Larter, Allison Dawn Doiron, Farid Yazdani, Richard Guppy, Stephen Hogan, Ed Lewis, Kevin Stonefield
Description: A recently fired Math Professor, using illegally obtain credit and health information, creates an algorithm that is able to predict the outcome of the lives of the people around him—including their death.

Rating: Tags: death health math information credits

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