HomeDocumentaries - Good movies you can watch on Netflix while stuck at home

Documentaries - Good movies you can watch on Netflix while stuck at home

Documentaries - Good movies you can watch on Netflix while stuck at home
"20 Feet From Stardom": This Oscar-winning rock doc shines its spotlight on those musicians left out of it: the background singers that helped turn your favorite songs into iconic earworm-y hits.

"Amy": This Oscar-winning documentary follows the rise and fall of acclaimed singer Amy Winehouse, going through her musical genius and incredible voice but also her demons and the cruel press coverage that helped push her to her premature death.

"Bathtubs Over Broadway": Lavish musical numbers about bathroom fixtures? Heartfelt ballads about the power of silicone products? They're somehow all real – and all in Steve Young's wildly unpredictable record collection of original corporate stage productions that were Broadway-ready but at the time only for businessmen's eyes and ears. Now, however, they take the spotlight.

"The Battered Bastards of Baseball": It may have been minor league baseball, but the Portland Mavericks of the '70s – owned and created by Kurt Russell's dad – were major league fun in this sports documentary about these oddball outlaws who were juuuuuust a bit outside the norm.

"The Force": A selection at the 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival, "The Force" is a gripping behind-the-scenes look inside the Oakland Police Department as it tries to build trust in the community while also battling its own controversies. A severe yet sympathetic look at an unsolved conflict in our country.

"Let it Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992": As you'd expect from a documentary going through a decade of tension and strife, "Let It Fall" is a dense and (at almost two and a half hours) extended watch. But it's essential and gripping viewing when it comes to understanding one of the country's largest and most notorious riots in recent memory.

"Searching for Sugar Man": In this Oscar-winning documentary, two music lovers go on a search for the bluesy singer-songwriter Rodriguez who released several moving and influential songs in the '70s, only to seemingly disappear off the map shortly after. However, decades later, his music – and his story – would find a surprising new audience in South Africa. (Available until July 31)

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