HomeSci-fi - Good movies you can watch on Netflix while stuck at home

Sci-fi - Good movies you can watch on Netflix while stuck at home

Sci-fi - Good movies you can watch on Netflix while stuck at home
"District 9": Director Neill Blomkamp's career since this Best Picture-nominated debut has been ... suboptimal. (*flashes back to "Chappie," wishes he hadn't*) But his first film is still stupendous, an action-packed, darkly funny political allegory that feels like a lot a sci-fi movies you love yet still feels excitingly fresh and new. And also, during one action scene, a pig gets blasted at some bad guys, so it's worth a recommendation just on that alone.

"E.T. the Extra Terrestrial": Buy yourself some Reese's Pieces and enjoy one of the most iconic and timeless kid-approved sci-fi stories ever made, Steven Spielberg's beloved tale of a young boy who befriends a kindly alien creature and tries to help him phone back home.

"Ex Machina": This chilly techno-thriller from Alex Garland ("Annihilation," "28 Days Later") follows a tech company employee who gets a weekend working with his secluded boss on his incredible new project: a robot who may possess truly human-like artificial intelligence. If you dig this, check out Garland's new series "Devs" on Hulu as well. (Available until July 25)

"Okja": Need another Bong hit after "Parasite" knocked your socks off last year? Luckily, Netflix has your back with his 2017 adventure "Okja," another undefinable feature about a young girl trying to protect an adorable giant pig from a factory wanting to turn it into meat.

"Snowpiercer": Another Bong hit! This one might actually be my favorite from the "Parasite" director, as he follows a train containing the last surviving members of humanity after a global freeze. But things aren't peaceful amongst the remaining few, as the poor are stuck in the back in terrible conditions while the rich control their ecosystem comfortably at the front.

"Starship Troopers": Paul Verhoeven's action-packed war satire about a bunch of young future fascists (including Neil Patrick Harris) battling space bugs. Would you like to know more?

"Total Recall": This mind-bending '90s thrill ride is the best of both worlds: It's everything you want from a dumb Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie, and it's everything you want from a brainy, twisty, clever science fiction story. No matter what you like in a movie, "Total Recall" (not the remake – good god, not the remake) has you covered.

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